Active recovery

The R4G program calls for an ‘active recovery’ workout today after the ‘long, slow run’ yesterday.  I was going to go to the gym and queue up a yoga video but we have been blessed with gorgeous weather today (high 66) so I put on my shoes and took a walk.  The first 2 miles was just me and Pandora, afterwards I stopped by the house and picked up my dog; I knew she would love a walk (she has a big fenced backyard to run in but she really enjoys walking the neighborhood when she gets the chance).

Since I didn’t want her constant stopping to sniff to impact my overall time, I shut off the tracker after the first 1/2 mile so the workout only recorded 2.5 miles when I actually completed 3 miles.  My legs are a bit sore from the 4 miles yesterday but they actually feel better after the walk.


Tomorrow is a Rest/Recovery day which is good because it’s also a travel day for me.  I should have no problem putting in the required 2 miles on Tuesday as the hotel has a nice workout room.  I’m traveling home on Wed so I’m not certain when/how I’ll get in the required 2 miles on that day unless I get up at the crack of dawn…and that’s not really a good time of day for me…but we’ll see.

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