Good news…bad news

The good news: I’m happy to report that I completed the 2 mile easy, slow run prescribed yesterday in the R4G program.  I usually have a tough time working out when I’m traveling but I decided I was going to make sure I got it done and I did.  Right after the last meeting ended at 5pm I went to my room, changed and headed straight to the exercise room at the hotel.  I hopped on one of the available treadmills did a 5 minute warm-up walk and then got right into jogging.  I still had to slow down a couple of times to walk and catch my breath but overall I did better than the last time I completed 2 miles.  I finished with a 5 minute cool down and voila! I was done.



Now the bad news…I was supposed to do another 2 miles easy, slow run today but with traveling back home I just didn’t get it done  😦

The program calls for another 2 mile easy, slow run tomorrow…I should have no problem getting that one done.

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