Wagon…what wagon?

As I suspected, I let all my business travel interfere with my training program and now when I look back over the last three weeks I’m disgusted to see that I haven’t run in 16 days…ugh!  I’m so pissed at myself for letting it happen!  I’ve fallen so far off the wagon it’s not even in sight anymore  😦

So what am I going to do about it?  I’m going to get up tomorrow morning and go for a run/walk.  I’m not even going to kid myself into thinking that I’ll be able to run a couple of miles non-stop…ha!!  I’m supposed to be in week 8 of a 12 week plan to train for a 10K, hell, I’ll be lucky if I can even do a 5K at this point.  I’m going to use my C25K app and try to complete Week 5 Day 1; depending on how that works out I’ll decide if I can jump ahead in that program {{{shakes head in disbelief}}}.

I’m not posting this on my blog because I want sympathy {{{please do not feed the sympathy animal}}} but because putting it out here will hopefully motivate me to ‘get back on the wagon’ and stay there.  I’m hoping this will hold me accountable!

I need to be active every day if I want to get fit and I really do want to get fit but that ‘hill’ seems to be getting steeper and steeper each time I look at it {{{sigh}}}.

Enough blubbering…as the saying goes: “Just Do It”

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