Getting back in the groove

I’ve been trying to play catch up with the RFG 10K program because I missed over two weeks of workouts.  This 7th week of the program has us running some pretty good distances with today’s plan being 5 miles.  I wasn’t sure if I should try that distance since my training has been so sporadic but I figured I could always walk if I needed to.  I changed clothes before I could talk myself out of going (a handy trick I picked up recently).

I went out early this afternoon after the temperatures warmed up to a pleasant 55 degrees – the perfect running temp IMHO.  I calculated a 2.5 mile route from my house so I would have to complete the 5 miles in order to get back home.  I programmed a custom interval plan using my C25K app of 1/2 mile run and 1/4 mile walk, repeat 7 times.  I was hoping to complete as many 1/2 mile runs a possible.  I felt pretty good as I started and the first two run segments went by pretty quickly.  During the third segment I could feel my legs were getting a little tired by the end.  I decided to walk the middle 1/2 mile segment because it happened to be during a pretty significant incline and I didn’t want to tap all of my energy.  I then challenged myself to finish all the run segments…and…I DID IT!!  And I don’t feel totally zapped afterward either…I’m so pleased!!!

All tolled – I ran 3 miles and walked 2…not too darn bad  🙂


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