Active recovery day

Part of the RFG 10K plan has Active Recovery Days planned where you should exercise by doing something other than running.  The temps today were a beautiful 73 degrees so I decided it would be a great day for a bike ride.  Now mind you, I haven’t ridden my bike in over 6 months but that didn’t stop me from planning a 12 mile ride {{{what was I thinking???}}}.

I had a great lunch with friends at our local Asian bistro and when I got back I quickly changed clothes and then checked the air in my tires.  As I suspected they were sorely in need of air.  I got them pumped up and before I could think about what I was planning to do I just took off.  The route I chose was to ride to the bridge that crosses the lake between NC & SC and back…that’s 12 miles round trip.  The first half wasn’t too difficult but I could tell my rear was going to pay for all these miles!  The back half – the return home – was quite difficult; it not only included two killer hills (which I coasted down during the first half) but I also had this really strong headwind – it was almost comical!!

Needless to say, my legs are feeling very weak right now…I certainly got the ‘active’ part right but not so much ‘recovery’!! LOL


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