Tough 4 miles

Yesterday the RFG program called for a long, slow run of 4 miles; well that fits my ‘speed’ just right 😉

I programmed my app for .8 run/.2 walk and hit the road.  I could tell in the first .8 segment that this was going to be a hard fought run as my legs were already getting tired – not a good sign that early in.  I did wear a different pair of running shoes, Altra Torin, which I hadn’t worn in over 2 weeks…yeah, maybe I can blame it on that!  At the end of the second .8 segment I was feeling rather depleted even though I had made sure I had enough nutrition.  During the third segment I had to walk about halfway through to rest my legs but picked up running again after a couple of minutes.  I decided to skip a running segment which allowed me two walking segments back to back, unfortunately I still had to walk about halfway through the final running segment.


All in all it wasn’t too bad but my pace definitely suffered.  Hey, there’s always next time!!  🙂


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