Getting better

Woohoo, I’m so excited about the run I had tonight!  The RFG group met tonight and afterward we went to a local elementary school to run together for our prescribed 3 mile Tempo run; that means I should be running at my 5K pace.  I started out feeling pretty good and I was pacing another runner that was about 20 feet in front of me.  I ran for 1.25 miles before I needed to slow to a walk for a couple of minutes.  I caught my breath and started running again and this time I didn’t stop to walk until I had reach 2.2 miles.  I slowed one more time at 2.8 miles and then finished strong.

I used the Mapmyrun app to track tonight because I didn’t want to schedule my run/walk segments, I wanted to run for as long as I could and then walk for just a short time.  My overall pace was just slightly better than my last 5K, I can’t complain about that!!  🙂


2 thoughts on “Getting better

  1. Thanks! I’m hopeful that I’ll be running a complete 5K distance by the time of the 10K April 12. It was the perfect running weather last night too…breezy and 70, if only I could order that up every time I run, lol 😉


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