Why was that so hard?

The RFG program called for a 4 mile run yesterday so I planned to hit the road right after work.  I decided to drive to the Anytime Fitness near me and run the sidewalk 2 miles in one direction and back, then stop in the gym to stretch and cool down.  The weather cooperated beautifully, it was 62 and sunny with a breeze.  I had not run that stretch of road at 5pm before and I likely will not do it again.  The noise was just too much from all the traffic, even with my ear buds it just made the experience a bit nerve racking.  Not to mention I had to keep stopping at each entrance to look for traffic and make sure that they were looking at me.  Nope, won’t be doing that again.

Traffic issues aside, from the very beginning my legs felt tired; like I had just finished a long run.  I programmed my C25K app for intervals of 1.5 miles run/.25 walk x3 until I hit 4 miles.  I was not even 1 mile into the run when I had to slow to a walk.  I was very disappointed because I made sure to stay hydrated all day and I had a snack before I left, as well as some Sport Beans.  It all just went down hill from there – no pun intended.  I could only run for about 1/2 mile each time before slowing to walk so I figured I would just do as much as I could and be satisfied that I put in 4 miles, even if I had to walk a good portion of it.  My overall pace was not far off but clearly I had issues with holding the distance – I wonder if running it all on concrete had anything to do with it.  Usually my route is mostly on asphalt versus concrete and I’ve heard that concrete is not very forgiving.  Yeah, I’ll go with that!


My next run is Saturday – 5.5 miles again.  The weather should be nice, I’ll stick with my usual route and see how it goes.  🙂

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