5.5 miles again…

In our RFG group we repeated week 9 this week because we realized that we were actually a week ahead of where we should be to end the program on ‘race day’ April 12.  So because of that I repeated the 5.5 mile run from last Saturday.  I followed almost the same route, I wanted to stay on asphalt as much as possible so I drove to the local elementary school and ran around the building and parking lots there until I hit my distance.

My legs were still feeling pretty tired and sore from Thursday’s workout but I didn’t want to skip today, plus the weather is just beautiful!  I set my app back to 1.25 run/.25 walk and after a 5 min warm-up I was off.  I could tell right away I was going to struggle completing the run segments, my legs just didn’t have any oomph.  I got to the 1 mile mark and slowed to walk a little bit and then finished that segment running.  I repeated that for each segment and I was certain my overall pace and time were going to be slower than last week.  I stopped the last run segment at 1 mile because that put me at the 5.5 mark and when I checked my overall time I was almost a minute faster than last week…wait, what??  How could that be?  I stopped to walk twice as much today than I did last week but somehow I ended up faster – go figure!

Just goes to show that even when you think it’s a ‘bad’ run, it can turn out to be pretty darn good!  Woot, woot!


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