Getting closer :-)

I missed my Tuesday RFG meeting and workout due to family issues so I hoped I wouldn’t have any problems with the 4 miles prescribed today.  The weather was perfect for running; sunny, low 60’s with a light breeze.  I had meetings at work all the way up to 5pm so once I was done I changed clothes and headed off to my now favorite elementary school to run the asphalt parking lots.  Instead of programing intervals of run/walk, I decided that I would program the C25K app for a ‘fun run’ of 4 miles and just slow to walk as needed.

After a 5 minute warm-up I was off and I felt pretty good for the first mile or so when I took a short walk break.  I programmed the app to give me updates every 15 mins so I could gauge how I was doing.  At the first update I had covered 1.26 miles at an average of 5mph…not bad, but I usually start strong and get slower as I continue.  I pressed on running as much as I could and slowing to walk for short distances, I don’t recall the distance at the second update but my average had only dropped to 4.9mph.  My legs were feeling pretty tired by the last update and my pace suffered, I had covered a total of 3.64 miles at an average of 4.7mph.  I tried to finish the last bit running strong but of course it was on an incline and I had to slow to a walk for a section.

The app says my overall pace was 4.8 so I’m pretty happy with that but what is more suprising…when I look back at my last two 4 mile workouts I was more than 3 minutes FASTER today!  Whoop! Whoop!


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