Kind of bummed

My training run was supposed to be 6 miles today but I cut it short because of the weather.  I had planned to run a local 5K and afterward was going to run the same route again however mother nature had other plans.  I knew there was a chance of rain this morning but I was hoping it would hold off so I could complete 6 miles.  I was really looking forward to getting a preview for the 10K so I was a bit bummed that I only got in three miles before the rain started pouring down.  If the temps had been warmer I would’ve kept running but I really don’t want to take a chance of coming down with a cold just a few weeks before the big 10K, so I opted to be content with the 5K and call it a day.

Tomorrow is supposed to be better, 60’s and no rain so I’ll try for 6 miles again  🙂


One thought on “Kind of bummed

  1. That’s a shame the weather put a dampener on your run. I hope you get the chance to do your 6 miles again before the big day. 🙂


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