Counting down

It’s 11 days until the RFG 10K so I’m starting to count down.  I feel good about completing the race and maybe even achieving my goal of finishing under 1:20.  For some reason, unknown to me, the RFG group meeting was cancelled tonight and I didn’t find that out until I showed up.  I stayed for the meeting with the 5K group and then went out for the 3 mile prescribed run.

The weather has (finally) warmed up here so it was quite pleasant running in the early evening hours – about 72 degrees.  I went to my favorite elementary school and knocked out the run.  I set the C25k app to a 3 mile Fun run which meant no scheduled walk breaks, just slow down when needed for a short time and then get back to running.  I was doing pretty good for the first half but then I noticed the muscle behind/beside my left knee was starting to really feel exhausted.  I was starting to get concerned but I didn’t feel I needed to stop because it wasn’t really causing any pain just noticeably tired.  I took a few extra walk breaks to give it a rest and finished the 3 miles running.  My time this evening was no PB but it was in the range of previous 3 miles runs, so I’m happy.


I could really feel that muscle once I finished and started stretching, I took extra care not to over do it.  I purchased a massage roller – “The Stick” as its called – and I made sure to pay special attention to that area.  I’m showered and relaxed now and that muscle still feels a little tired but not too bad…I guess I’ll know more tomorrow if I have any trouble with it.

2 thoughts on “Counting down

  1. That’s a shame your group didn’t meet, but the way you’re going, I don’t think you’ll have any problems hitting your 1:20 target. Hope that muscle is feeling better. 🙂


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