It’s getting hot

The weather here has warmed up and I think old man winter has finally packed up and left – woohoo!  That said, I now have to remember that it’s not easy to run when it’s 80 degrees!  The run today called for 4 miles and I planned to do it right after work, not really thinking about what the temps were going to be.  Regardless, I followed my plan and laced up after work and hit the neighborhood streets.  Once I was outside, it dawned on me that the temperature was going to be a factor – the saving grace, there was no humidity 🙂

I set my C25K app for 1 mile intervals with no planned walk breaks and I was off.  I wanted to see what my time was at each interval instead of just recording the overall pace.  My first mile felt pretty easy, my rhythm was good and I wasn’t feeling tired.  The second mile I did slow down for two walk breaks and I could feel my legs were starting to get a little tired.  Mile 3 & 4 were pretty rough, this is where the temperatures got to me.  I wasn’t overheated but the heat was zapping all my energy, I ran for as long as I could but in the last two miles I took a lot of walk breaks – I lost count.

Looking at my statistics, I think it captures how I felt during the run very well.  My next run is Saturday – 5 miles – and the temps are supposed to be a little cooler with highs around 70 so we’ll see how I do then.


One thought on “It’s getting hot

  1. Running in the heat always gets to me too – especially as it has been so cold recently! Looks like you’re on track to hit your target for the race though. 🙂


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