Better weather

The temperature today was much more conducive to running – sunny, low 60’s with a slight breeze – dare I say “perfect”!  I decided to get out a little earlier than usual and I switched up my route to give me a little different scenery.  The run today was 5 miles so I programmed my app for 1 mile intervals with planned walk breaks of .1 mile.

After the 5 minute warm up walk, I started the run.  The program calls for today to be a long, slow run so I wasn’t worried about my time so much, I just wanted to try to run each interval as much as possible.  Miles 1 & 2 worked out very well, I felt strong and only slowed for one walk break aside from the planned walks.  Mile 3 however is a different story – since this was a new route I wasn’t completely familiar with the elevation and just after I started mile 3 there was a very large hill.  My run quickly turned to a shuffle and then to a walk (note to self: when running this route again go the opposite direction!)  Mile 4 was a little stronger but I had to take a few more walk breaks.  At the end of mile 4 I had actually covered 4.4 with the planned walk breaks so mile 5 really only consisted of .6 of the mile.


I’m pretty darn pleased with the first two miles and with my overall pace.  If I can carry this to next weekend I may just reach my goal of finishing the 10K in 1:20 or less!!

One thought on “Better weather

  1. Those hills can be a real pain! It’s definitely best to walk the tough and save your energy for the more even sections. Well done and best of luck for next weekend. You’re going to smash it! 🙂


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