Wow, that was fast! (for me)

This is the week leading up to my first ever 10K and the program has us scaling back on the distance to save up our energy for the race.  Yesterday was also the last meeting of the RFG group for this particular program and it was a little bittersweet.  The program called for 3 miles so after our meeting we headed to my favorite elementary school for our run.  I was feeling pretty good for the run, I think it had something to do with the massage I had earlier in the day.  My hubby bought me a 3 massage gift package for Christmas and I just got around to getting my first one.

Back to the run, I set my app to repeat my last interval workout without really paying attention.  Since I’m so close to race day I wanted to see how long I could run so I decided I wasn’t going to slow down at the interval breaks unless I really needed to.  The weather was cool and really ideal for running; after a 5 min warm up walk we were off.  I tried to keep pace with the two other girls who run about my same pace just to see if I could.  I was able to keep up for the first 1.6 miles and then I had to slow for a short walk…wow, that was great but I was worried I may have pushed too hard in the first half and might not have enough left to finish.  I quickly got back to running and slowed again around 2.2 miles for another short walk.  I was pretty happy that I was able to run for longer segments and wanted to finish strong but I slowed for one more short walk break around 2.7 miles and then finished the last section running.  I knew that my pace was faster than usual but it wasn’t until I got home and looked at my splits that I realized how fast my pace was overall…12:11 WOW!


If I’m able to maintain this pace for the entire race I will most definitely achieve my goal of finishing under 1:20.  I’m really getting excited for this weekend…and the weather is supposed to be in the low 60’s at race time, whoop, whoop!

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