Long, slow run

Continuing with the 10K training program, I was all set to meet up with two other runners this morning when mother nature decided to stick her nose into it.  It started raining yesterday around 5pm and hasn’t stopped yet 😦   I don’t mind running in the rain but it’s got to be a lot warmer than 49 degrees for me to do it, and the other girls agreed.  So instead of skipping the run or waiting until later which means I probably would’ve skipped the run, I got in my car and drove to Anytime Fitness gym and hopped on the treadmill.  It’s been many weeks since I’ve run on a treadmill so I was kind of dreading it.  When I run on the streets my pace fluctuates considerably without me even noticing however when on the treadmill I must keep the same pace unless I literally slow down the speed on the machine.  I was determined to get my 3 miles in so I hopped on the first available machine and started my warm up walk.  I turned on the TV attached to the treadmill and found ESPN – that should distract me enough!

After the warm up, I increased the speed to 5.1 mph and I was off.  The TV did in fact distract me because when I looked down the first time to check my distance I had put in .8 miles.  I was feeling good and knew I could keep this up for a while longer.  The next time I glanced down I was up to 1.6 miles and I decided then that I was going to keep running to 2 miles before even thinking about slowing to a walk.  And at that point I did slow to walk for .2 miles and then pushed back up to 5.1 for the balance.  At 2.9 miles I noticed that I was close to finishing in under 36 minutes so I pushed the speed to 5.8 mph for that last segment and finished the 3 miles in 35:54 – ha!  Not exactly a ‘slow’ run by my standards but I’m very pleased that I was able to finish 3 miles with only one walk break…baby steps…


3 thoughts on “Long, slow run

  1. That’s a great time, with or without a walk break! I’ve only run on a treadmill once when I was getting fitted for shoes, but I didn’t like it much as I had trouble finding my land legs afterwards. 😉


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