Short run, faster pace

I’m still following the Run For God 10K training program, I’m on week 2 and today was a short 1.5 mile run.  The temperature was a cool 51 degrees this morning when I went out which felt a little chilly at the start but was fantastic at the end!  My goal for today was to run the whole 1.5 distance without slowing to walk and I did it.  I ran a short out & back route which was fairly flat but did have one hill that I usually walk up – but not today!  I kept talking to myself the whole time, telling myself that I could do it.  After I got up the hill my mind wanted to take a walk break as a reward but I fought back with more positive self talk…I guess it really works!

I had set my app again for 3 x .5 mile intervals to keep track of my pace and I can see that I clearly started off pretty fast (for me!) and slowed down as I continued.  The last .5 included the hill so that explains the increase.  I’m still happy overall and will continue with this game plan to run for longer intervals.


2 thoughts on “Short run, faster pace

    1. I am pretty excited about my improvement and look forward to each run now to see if I can maintain it or get better. I haven’t picked my next race yet…there’s a 10K on the July 4th holiday that I’m considering. Also, a few girls from the running group are doing a 4K on that day and have asked me to participate…not sure which one I’ll do.


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