Short but rough

Today’s run was only 2 miles but it felt like 10…ugh!  For some reason I had trouble controlling my breathing today and that made it quite difficult to run non-stop 😦

I noticed it during my warm up walk, my breathing felt a little labored.  I brushed it off thinking it would go away once I started running – it did not.  I had my app set for two 1 mile intervals and I only made it about .6 before I had to slow to a walk; needless to say I was quite disappointed.  I wondered if maybe I was pushing it too hard, this was supposed to be a tempo run and I started with my pace around 11:30 so I decided I’d slow down a little to see if that would help…nope.  I could barely wait until the 1 mile notification to slow to a walk again.  And it didn’t get any better from there.  I tried controlling my breathing by matching my footfalls, didn’t work.  So I just ran for as long as I could and then slowed until I could catch my breath.  By the 2 mile mark I was exhausted…and I thought my last run was bad! Ha!

I’ve been analyzing what could have made that kind of impact and I’m now wondering if it was all the fluids I drank this morning: a full bottle of water, two cups of coffee, a bowl of cereal.  All this within an hour of my run…hmmm, maybe…I don’t know.  The weather may have played a part as well, it was only 60 degrees but it was 90% humidity.  I guess I’ll just have to wait for Thursday’s run to see if I have the same problem.

My overall pace wasn’t horrible, I’m just disappointed that I had to take so many walk breaks…but hey, I gotta breathe!! lol


2 thoughts on “Short but rough

  1. It’s disappointing when the run doesn’t go to plan, but you did the right thing taking some walk breaks. Some days are just like that, although you could be right about having had too much fluid. Have you tried taking sports drinks instead?


    1. The funny thing is I didn’t take anything with me to drink – I had all of that before I left the house. I’m feeling better now so I have a feeling that was my problem. I’ll be sure to watch how much I drink/eat before I run Thursday 🙂


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