Now that’s more like it

I didn’t get my run in on Thursday so I went out yesterday morning instead.  The temperature was a brisk 51 degrees which I wasn’t really prepared for when I walked out the door but I decided to go ahead with just my capri leggings and t-shirt.  I was a little chilly at the start but by the end it felt really good.  I decided to alter my route a little bit to add a little more difficulty.  This different route in my neighborhood has a couple of long, slow inclines and I figured I better add some of that to my runs or I’ll never get used to it.

The prescribed distance was 2 miles so I set my app to 4 x .5 mile to get regular updates on my pace.  I finished the first interval feeling pretty strong and near the end of it I turned onto the street with the inclines.  At the same time I ran into a neighbor who was out running, we stopped for a quick chat and decided to finish our workouts together.  She runs a little bit faster pace than me so I had to push it to keep up.  When we got to the first long, slow incline I wanted to slow to a walk about 17 times (lol) but I pushed through to keep pace with her.  She commented that the hill looks small but it’s rough on the legs – I agreed!  The second incline was even longer and again I wanted to slow to a walk many times but I toughed it out.  When the app told me I had completed the workout I wanted to throw a little victory party but I restrained myself 🙂

When I got home and looked at my pace I could clearly see how running with her improved my pace, I’m hoping we can hook up again!


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