Long, slow run

My running days are kind of all messed up this week – I usually run Tues, Thur, Sat.  But this week I missed Thur so I ran Friday morning and my legs just didn’t feel up to running again Sat morn so I went out this morning instead.  The program called for a 4 mile long, slow run so that’s what I planned.  I wasn’t going to try to keep my pace at 11:28 like the last few runs although what I hoped for was a steady pace from beginning to end.  Yeah, well that’s what I ‘hoped’ for! LOL

I set the app for 8 x .5 mile intervals and set off for an out and back route that would total 4 miles.  I did pretty good on the first mile, although at the end of it was a bit of an incline and I decided to walk it.  I picked up running again as soon as I was at the top and didn’t slow again until I hit the two mile mark.  I took a bit longer walk break so I could eat a few Sport Beans and drink some water.  The temperature was still comfortable but good portions of my run were in the sun.  After walking about .2 mi (reflected in interval 3) I got back to running but at the 2.5 mark my legs felt like jelly and I slowed to walk (probably because I was pushing too hard, look at my pace in interval 4).  I got back to running and didn’t slow again until the 3.25 mark – right before I slowed to walk there was a good downhill section so I pushed myself for a burst of speed (probably explains why interval 6 was sub 12!).  I walked a good bit at the beginning of interval 7 and then picked it up to finish the last interval running.

All in all a good run…one of these days I’ll be able to steady my pace from beginning to end, but for now I’m just happy with the average!  🙂


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