A little break

If you follow my blog you’ve probably noticed that I haven’t posted since May 4th; that’s the last time I ran…Ugh!  I had to travel again for business and as usual my ‘best intentions’ didn’t get me anywhere.  I told myself I would run twice while I was away and it just didn’t happen.  And then when I got home I ‘blew off’ my next two scheduled run days…Ugh again!  So you might think I would just throw in the towel all together – Nope!  Luckily I started reading a book last week “The 12 Week Year” by Brian Moran and Michael Lennington.  This book makes so much sense and it gave me just the kick in the pants I needed to get back to running.

My first day back was Thurs, May 15 and of course it was raining buckets that morning.  Instead of just saying forget it I got in the car, went to Anytime Fitness and jumped on the treadmill for 2 miles.  Nothing major as far as distance but I was happy to know that I could still cover that distance with only one walk break (small victory, yay!)


Picking back up with the 10K training program, today called for 4 miles.  I reconnected with two ladies from the RFG group and we agreed to meet up this morning for a run.  I am SO much better when I run with others…I don’t stop nearly as much and I run faster – unfortunately I pay for that later in the run 😦

I started off pretty strong for the first two miles, keeping pace with Kitty.  I didn’t slow to walk until I heard my app announce 2 miles, we walked for a little bit and then picked up the pace again.  I could tell I was losing a little bit of steam and I had to slow for another walk before mile 3 was complete.  At the beginning of mile 4 was a pretty significant hill so we walked it.  As you can see by the pace in mile 4, I took a few more walk breaks.  Overall, my average pace was right where I want it to be – I just need to be more consistent from beginning to end.




3 thoughts on “A little break

  1. Hey Sharon. I’ve not been around for the last couple of weeks either, but sometimes a good break brings good results with it too. That’s great that you met up with some of your RFG friends – sounds like you’re doing a great job encouraging each other. 🙂


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