Doubling up

I missed posting my run details from Tuesday so I’m doubling up on the post today.

Tuesday was my first speed workout…ever!  I’ve avoided it in the past each time it came up in the 10K training program but I figured I was only hurting myself.  The program called for 800m jog, 4x400m sprints with 200m recovery in between.  I wasn’t sure how to set my app for all of that so I decided to head to Anytime Fitness and jump on the treadmill.  I could not only control my pace, I could easily see the distance to switch back and forth.  I started with a 5 minute warmup walk and then ran for 800m at 5.0.  I pushed up the speed to 5.5 for the first ‘sprint’ and then slowed to 5.0 for the recovery…rinse and repeat 3 more times.  I ended with a 5 minute cool down walk.  Since I was on the treadmill I don’t have splits to compare but the overall pace for the 2 mile distance is encouraging.



Today’s program was a simple 3 mile run.  I wanted to try something a little different, all the routes in my neighborhood usually start with a downhill grade and then it’s all uphill on the return.  I decided to drive to my church and start from there, which means the first half was mostly an uphill grade and the return was downhill.  That plan worked out pretty well.  The first mile started off strong but about halfway through it felt like was slowing down and then when the mile 1 announcement came I slowed for a walk.  I was pleased to see that the first mile was at a 12min pace.  I started running again, still on a gradual uphill slope and had to slow for another walk at the 1.5 mile mark.  I was a little disappointed but I figured I could make up for it by running the balance of the distance and that’s what I did.  The last mile was at a respectable pace – I think I was helped a little by the downhill grade but it wasn’t a big slope just a gradual downhill.



I’ve already made plans for this weekend to meet up with the same girls I ran with last weekend … putting in 5 miles this time 🙂

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