Week 7…already?

I can’t believe I’m already in Week 7 of the 10K training program.  This is my second time through and I’m hoping to improve my pace as well as take fewer walk breaks.  Today’s workout was a 2.5 mile tempo run.  As I headed out the door at 6:45am I could tell the humidity was up and I worried that I might have problems breathing.  I decided to set the app on my phone to give updates every .1 mile so I could try to keep an eye (ear) on my pace.  I’m not sure if it helped or hindered but after the 6th or 7th update I was getting really tired of hearing that voice…lol~

Anyway, I won’t share the whole recap because with 25 intervals it’s pretty long.  Suffice to say that I started out way too fast (11:02) and I kept trying to slow my pace during each interval until I got winded and walked a little…I repeated that about 4 more times.  My overall pace of 11:53 wasn’t bad but I’m still all over the place during the workout.  I plan to get a Garmin Forerunner (110 or 220, not sure yet) which will allow me to track my pace without having to hear repeated updates.



The icing on the cake…today I took the plunge and signed up for the Myrtle Beach Half Marathon in October!!  This is a huge step for me – the longest race I’ve ever run is 10K.  I’ve got plenty of time to train so I’m feeling hopeful that by October I’ll be consistently in the 11 min/mi range and will only need minimal walk breaks.  Myrtle Beach here I come!!

One thought on “Week 7…already?

  1. It takes a while to get used to pacing but the Garmin should help. I use a 110, mostly because it was cheaper than the 220, but it’s good enough for me – decent battery life and you can get a heart rate monitor for it later if you want to go down that road.
    Well done for signing up for the HM in October! That is a big step, but as you say, there’s plenty of time to train and you’ll soon be in that 11 min/mi range. 🙂


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