I love running with others!

I’m so happy I’ve found running partners, it makes a huge difference for me regarding how far I can run and at what pace.  I met up with only one of the girls this morning as the other one was still at the beach (lucky her!)

The 10K training program called for a long, slow run of 5 miles today.  I set the app on my phone to give updates every .25 miles so I could keep an eye on my pace (Garmin update: yesterday I found a Forerunner 110 on sale for $70…I ordered it immediately!  Should be here next week).  I tried to start off at a slower pace so I would have enough left at the end but my pace seemed to want to be in the 11 min/mi range so I just went with it.  The humidity was really high this morning and we even got a few misting rain showers near the end – that felt really nice!

A new trick I’m trying (well, new to me anyway) is to think of something else – anything else – while I’m running except running.  Meaning, instead of thinking about how far my legs will let me go before walking or how tired I am, I’m now thinking about grocery shopping.  I’m actually visualizing being in the store going from isle to isle and doing my grocery shopping.  I’ve found that I can run for longer intervals and I don’t obsess about when I need to take my next walk break.  It’s worked really well the last two times I’ve run.  I’m going to have to start ‘visualizing’ different things because the grocery store is already getting a little old!

The icing on the cake today is that I completed the 5 miles almost a minute faster than last week – what?!


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