1st run with Forerunner

Following the 10k training program, I was only supposed to run 4 miles today but the girls I run with on Saturdays wanted to do 6 miles so I figured, why not?  We met at our church and agreed to run to the bridge at Lake Wylie and back which would get us that distance.  The temperature was 75 and very HUMID but at least it was overcast with a little breeze.  There was a threat of thunder showers but we decided to head out and take our chances – thankfully we made the round trip without getting wet.

I received my Garmin Forerunner yesterday afternoon and played with it last night so I could use it on my run today.  I also set the app on my phone just in case I messed up the Garmin.  One thing I learned from using it today was not to start my Garmin on the warm up walk, in the future I’ll wait until I actually start running – it took a few minutes for the pace to reset from the warm up walk, plus I don’t want the warm up/cool down walk factored into my pace.

So off we went, the three of us have a bit different pace – there’s K who runs around 11, there’s me running around 12 and L runs around 13.   After we get started we’re separated a bit but still within sight distance.  When I run with the ladies I usually push myself a little harder than when it’s just me and it was no different today; I didn’t slow for my first walk until 2.25.  After that I had many more walk breaks that I didn’t keep track of – the HUMIDITY was getting to me, not to mention the hills.  On this particular route there is one BIG hill on the return route (of course we get to go down it in the first half); it is a killer hill…I had a hard time just walking up it…ugh!  I walked a good bit around mile 4 because of the hill (I’m such a whiner!) so I tried to pick up the pace for the rest of the run but my legs where not cooperating.

After we finished I forgot to stop the Garmin until well after the cool down walk so I really didn’t get a good picture of my running pace – another lesson learned!  And then I realized that I set the intervals on my app wrong and it only captured 5.75 miles – duh!  Rough day, LOL!  I’ve got room for improvement all around 🙂

C25K stats:

(the highlighted portion is the HILL from hell!)



GARMIN stats:

6.7.14 Garmin

2 thoughts on “1st run with Forerunner

  1. Yay! It arrived! It took me a couple of runs to get used to my Garmin too (forgot to stop it at the end of the workout and couldn’t remember what buttons to press) but now it’s easy and much better than the apps I used to use. Have fun! 🙂


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