3 mile Tempo run

So today’s workout called for a 3 mile Tempo run.  I wanted to get out early to beat the heat and I was out the door before 7am (that’s early for me!).  The problem today wasn’t the heat, it was the humidity.  I didn’t realize just how bad it was until I saw the summary in Garmin Connect after my run – 94%!!  No wonder I felt like I was running through water – lol!

I started the Forerunner at the beginning of the run segment and clocked a nice pace for the first mile, it wasn’t until the second mile when the humidity really started getting to me.  I had to slow down for a few walk breaks but then I would pick up the pace while running to try to offset.  The last mile was the hardest as most of it was a gradual incline (I really need to map a better route!).  I tried to finish strong by telling myself to ‘hurry up’ for the last .25, which helped my overall pace stay right around 12.

I’ve posted the workout summary from both Garmin and C25K and it looks like they’re pretty much in sync.  I guess this means my next run will be without the app; that’s going to be an adjustment because I’m used to that ‘voice’ giving me updates at whatever intervals I set.  But… I can always just look at my Garmin anytime I want to know how far I’ve gone.  🙂



C25K app (set at 1/2 mile intervals)

6.10.14 c25k

2 thoughts on “3 mile Tempo run

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. Hills and Humidity are my nemesis…but I’ve got to keep pushing because I signed up for a 4 miler on 4th of July and I know the humidity isn’t going away anytime soon!


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