Humidity is not my friend

Today’s workout called for 4 mile feel good run (FGR) so I decided I was going to drive to my local church and run 2 miles in one direction and then return the same way. This route is mostly uphill or flat on the first half and (you guessed it) downhill or flat on the way back, I figured it was better to get the hills out of the way in the first half.

I got to the church at 7am and set my app for 4-one mile intervals (I know I said I wasn’t going to use it anymore but some habits are hard to break!).  After a 5 min warm up walk I started my Garmin and started running.  I felt pretty good at first, it was overcast and humid but there was a small breeze.  By the time I got to the first hill I was really feeling the humidity – I was having a hard time controlling my breathing.  I checked my Garmin to make sure I wasn’t pushing the pace too hard – it was 11:41.  About half way through that hill I just had to stop for a walk, I was a bit bummed because I was feeling really confident when I left the house 😦

I decided I wasn’t going to be able to complete 4 miles in that humidity so I finished one mile and then turned around to return to my car.  I stopped my Garmin (or at least I thought I did – maybe it was oxygen deprivation!), then I drove to Anytime Fitness and finish the last 2 miles on the treadmill.  Below are the results from Garmin and C25K for the first two miles.





6.12.14 c25k

I was pretty exhausted from the first two miles so my pace on the treadmill was not so good

6.12.14 AF

I’m just happy that I completed 4 miles even if it was split up and off pace.

There’s always next time!!  🙂




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