Tough 5.5 miles

And I thought Thursday’s run was rough…Ha!  Today’s workout called for 5.5 miles, I thought ‘this should be doable since I ran 6 miles last weekend – with a killer hill’. But, oh was I wrong.  I think running in the humidity this week drained my energy so bad that I could barely complete the run today.  Enough whining, on to the facts.

I met up with only one of my running partners today, K, and we decided to take a route that would provide a good bit of shade, that was the good part.  We didn’t get started until a little after 8 am and the temps were already rising.  After a 5 min warm up walk, I set my Garmin and we started running.  I did pretty good for the first mile, actually I was keeping up with K which I now realize was a mistake.  I should’ve started out much slower to preserve my energy for the rest of the run.  After that first mile, I had to take so many walk breaks I lost count.  Between the heat & the humidity and my lack of energy I just couldn’t run for more than .25 mile at a time 😦

I felt bad for holding K back and told her she should run on without me but she said she was content to walk as the heat was getting to her too.  We both are a little worried that our training for the Myrtle Beach Half will be in July, August & Sept…the hottest months!!  And then we decided that even a ‘bad’ run is better than no run at all!!


I’m just glad I finished!  Looking ahead to next week, I may be doing all my running at Anytime Fitness as the heat & humidity is supposed to get worse – wow!

Happy Saturday!!  I’m going to rest my legs and probably take a little nap  😉



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