Much needed break

If you’re following my blog you may have noticed I haven’t posted anything in over a week and that’s because I took a break from running.  After last weekend’s run I just felt completely exhausted and decided I would take a couple days off to see if that would help me get my energy back.  Those couple of days turned into a week due to poor planning and lack of motivation however in hindsight I think it’s just what I needed.

I got back out yesterday with one of my running friends, L, who coincidentally enough had also taken the week off from running due to tweaking her calf.  The weather yesterday was no better than it had been the previous Saturday – hot and humid!  She suggested that we go to a running path down by the river which I had never been to and I was excited to see some new scenery.  We both were a little worried about how our bodies would react after not running for the week but we warmed up and took off.  The path is 2.25 in one direction so we decided that we’d run out & back and then evaluate if we wanted to run more.

The first mile I felt really good, my legs felt strong and I had a good pace going.  I was checking my Garmin frequently to try to keep my pace around 12 so that I wouldn’t push too hard in the beginning.  After mile one I slowed to walk because my breathing was getting a bit labored and I was starting to get overheated due to the humidity.  The balance of the run was the same pattern, I’d run for as long as I could until I felt overheated and then walked.  I was really surprised that my legs didn’t feel tired the entire time and I felt I had plenty of energy left in my legs to keep running but I was just too overheated to push it any further so we stopped at 4.75.

I really enjoyed running the path by the river and will make sure we do that again.


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