Long, slow run

I’ve been following the 10K training program again in hopes of increasing my pace and running for longer intervals.  I’m nearing the last week of that 12 week plan – wow, can’t believe that went by so fast!

Yesterday was the last Long, Slow Day and it called for 5 miles.  I met up with my running partners who were targeting somewhere between 5-6 miles so my distance fit right in.  The weather was a repeat of the last several runs: humid and overcast.  I don’t mind the overcast part but there was absolutely no breeze to be found!  I’m really loving my Garmin watch as it’s helping me focus on my pace – especially at the beginning where I tend to go out too fast.  I wanted to stay in the 12-13:00 min/mi range to try to prevent overheating and except for mile 4, I did pretty good.  For the last half of mile 5 I decided I would try to pick up my pace just a little, just to see if I could.  I kept telling myself to ‘hurry up’ and I can see it made a difference from mile 4.  I did the same thing in the last .25 mile and I’m quite surprised that I had enough ‘left in the tank’ to get into the 11 min range…of course it was only for .25 mile!!!

I stopped for so many walk breaks my pace chart looks like a roller coaster!  But even with that many I still averaged right where I wanted, so that’s a WIN in my book!


6.28.14 pace

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