100% Humidity!?

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the Garmin summary of my run this morning – 100% humidity?  No way!  Doesn’t that mean it should be raining? LOL.  I didn’t think it felt that bad and contrary to the Garmin summary there was a little breeze.

I had an internal struggle this morning before my run; I was feeling very unmotivated.  The devil in me kept saying I could skip it but the good girl said ‘just get in 2 miles and call it a day’.  Thankfully the good girl won…and I even did 3 miles as originally planned!

I wanted to try to keep my average pace as even as possible so I kept an eye on my watch for the first mile to be sure I stayed around 12 min/mi.  Mission accomplished. After mile one, I stopped for several walk breaks and feared I was going to wreck my average so each time I started running again I ‘hurried up’ for as long as I could and then settled back into my normal pace until the next walk break.  Looks like that plan worked well and I even finished mile 3 faster than mile 2…small victory for me!!


7.1.14 pace

2 thoughts on “100% Humidity!?

  1. I just had to Google 100% humidity after reading this – does that make me a geek? 😉
    Well done on getting your run in and best of luck for Friday. I’ll be sending cool, breezy running vibes your way. 😉


    1. Haha! I didn’t even thing about Googling it until I saw your comment and I usually Google everything! Thanks for the ‘cool, breezy’ thoughts, I’m sure I’ll need them! 🙂


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