9 miles in two days!?!

I’m a little behind in posting my running workouts, I’ll blame it on the holiday!

This first section is about the July 4th Spectacular 4 miler I ran on, you guessed it – the 4th of July!  We’ve been blessed with amazing weather for this holiday, the morning of the run it was in right about 70 degrees and the humidity had dropped to a more comfortable level – I guess prayers are really answered!!  Getting up at 5 am to get ready and get to the race was no fun but once we were there the excitement kicked in.  My goal for the race was to finish with an average pace in the 12 min/mi range – mission accomplished!

I started my Garmin just as I crossed the start line and I planned to run an even pace until 1.5 or even 2 miles when I knew I’d need a walk break; I hate it when my plan doesn’t work out.  I was only .5 mile in when I needed to slow for a walk…that really worried me.  I’d run in much worse humidity for longer stretches so I was confused why I had to walk so early.  I didn’t beat myself up, I just started running again and tried not to think about it.  Unfortunately, I found myself walking again just after the 1 mile mark and again at 1.5.  I didn’t carry any water with me because there was supposed to be water on the route but after I passed the 2 mile mark without a water station I began to worry.  Luckily, I turned the next corner and there it was – like a mirage in the desert!  I grabbed two cups of water and tried to drink as slowly as possible.  After a little hydration I was feeling better so I decided I had better pick up my pace a little to offset all the walking.  I did my ‘hurry up’ mantra for about .25 mile and then settled into my normal pace again.  The course was pretty good except for a pretty significant hill near the beginning of mile 4 (why do they always map a course with a big hill near the end!!), I did my best to run up about a quarter of it and walked the rest.  After that hill I began my ‘hurry up’ mantra again and was happy to see the last .25 mile was all flat or downhill!!  I pushed it as hard as I could and even got a little emotional bump when the DJ near the finish line called out my name (he was matching bib numbers to names – pretty cool!).  I wanted to stop my Garmin right as I crossed the finish line but with all the excitement and distractions I forgot…about a minute later it dawn on me!  The official race time is a little different than mine but still close.


7.4.14 Race

After finishing, we hung around for some festivities – there was a really good band playing and they were giving out free Michelob Ultra so of course we had a few!  I don’t usually drink beer in the morning but it just tastes so good after running!!  When we got back home, L & K asked if we would be doing our normal Saturday run – what?  Yep, they were planning to run 5 miles and being the ‘follower’ that I am, I told them that I’d give it a shot – even though I haven’t run two days in a row in quite a while let alone 4 miles one day and 5 the next :-/

We met the next morning at 8 am, the weather was even more beautiful than the day before…we were loving it!  I had purchased a new pair of running shoes and decided to wear them to start breaking them in…no horror stories, they felt fantastic!  I didn’t have any goals for yesterday, I just wanted to see how far I could go after running the day before.  I started off with a steady pace running with K and I didn’t stop for my first walk break until I hit the 2 mile mark – what?  I was so surprised!  It had to be a combination of the cooler weather and the new shoes.  We took a couple of significant walk breaks during miles 3 & 4 and then we pushed it again in mile 5.

I’m so impressed that I ran 9 miles in two days…I guess I’m starting to believe that I can actually do a Half Marathon – after proper training, of course  🙂




5 thoughts on “9 miles in two days!?!

  1. Whooop!!! Huge CONGRATULATIONS on your 4 miler! That’s an awesome time and sounds like you had a lot of fun too. I’m hugely impressed that you went out and ran again the next day too. It’s so inspiring to see how far you’ve come over the last few months and that you’re well on the way to your first half marathon. Can’t wait for the next instalment! 🙂
    Well done! 🙂


    1. Thanks so much! I am pretty proud of myself (in a non-egotistical way)! Following your journey helps me stay motivated and knowing that you’re following mine gives me that extra push I need 🙂


      1. And proud you should be! It’s an awesome achievement! 🙂
        I love reading your posts and your comments often give me a much needed boost of encouragement to get myself out the front door too, especially as we are at similar stages on our journeys. So thank you for that. It really does make a massive difference. 🙂
        Hope you’re enjoying the rest of your week.


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