Maintenance run

My 12 week Half Marathon training doesn’t start until later this month so for the next few weeks I’ll just be doing maintenance runs to make sure I don’t lose any of the ground I’ve gained.  Today I decided to do a 3 mile tempo run.  The weather wasn’t too bad and even though the humidity was back to normal, there was a breeze which made it feel better.   I got out the door before 7am which meant I didn’t have to battle the sun too much (my route is mostly in the shade in the morning).

I set my Garmin and started running, I wasn’t really trying to run fast in the first mile but when I looked at my time I couldn’t believe it!  What? Under 11 min/mi pace!?? No way!!  Of course the rest of the story is that most of the first mile was either flat or a decline – buy, hey, I’ll take it!  I had to stop for a walk break at that point and then several more times as I turned around and started back on that same route (a slow steady incline).  I didn’t expect to clock the same pace on the way up but I did tell myself that I would run all the way up a little hill that has been a thorn in my side…and I did it!

So, I had a couple of wins on my run today – clocking under 11 mins and running up that little hill…Yippee!!!


7.8.14 pace

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