Catching up

I’ve got two runs to post about today; my long slow run while in Myrtle Beach and my run this morning.

I planned to run Saturday morning however mother nature had other ideas.  I woke to overcast skies and checked the radar…just my luck a thunderstorm was rolling in.  I got dressed, ate a little breakfast and waited to see what would happen.  Sure enough, the skies opened up and it poured on and off for the next two hours.  I decided there would be no run on Saturday.  We planned to drive home Sunday so I got up early and put in my 4 miles.  Although the route was mostly flat, it was terribly hot and humid, with full sun.  I found myself taking many walk breaks due to getting overheated.  Since this was my long, slow run I really didn’t worry too much about all the walk breaks.


7.13.14 pace

My run this morning was supposed to be an Easy 3 miles.  I wanted to keep the first mile around the 12 min/mile mark and the rest around 13.  As I started running I felt like I was really taking it slow but when I checked my Garmin I was actually doing close to 11 min/mile.  I tried to slow down but I had already fallen into my rhythm so it was difficult to do.  Of course, after the first mile I took several walk breaks which pushed miles 2 & 3 well into the 13 min range.  Not the consistency I was hoping for but I guess I’ll just have to keep working on it  🙂  Tomorrow I plan to run 3 miles while working on speed…this should be fun  :-s


7.15.14 pace


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