Half Marathon training begins in full force

The HM training plan I’m following called for 6 miles today, alternating 4 min run, 2 min walk.  It wasn’t raining today but the weather still didn’t cooperate; when I got up this morning it was super foggy and the humidity was up at 100% again!!  We decided to try a different running path than before, this one was a little further from the house but it was relatively flat with just a few hills – or at least it looked that way while running it.  Now that I look at the Garmin graph there was quite a bit of elevation change.

When we started running the fog had begun to lift but thankfully it was still overcast and there was the slightest of breezes.  The first mile felt really good and I found myself going too fast during the first couple of run segments so I purposely tried to slow it down.  Near the end of the second mile there was a significant hill which of course I hit during a run segment :-p  By the time I got to the top I was gasping for air and as luck would have it, it was about the same time that run segment ended and a walk segment began…regardless I had to walk!

After the first two miles I really began to slow down, not by any conscious effort but because it was just getting so hard to breath in that humidity.  I walked quite a bit during mile 5 and tried to finish strong in mile 6.  My average pace was much slower than I had hoped for but I’m just happy I was able to finish 6 miles.  One of my running partners, L, started cramping up and had to stop after 5 miles.

The weather folks say we’re going to get a break from the heat and humidity next week…I sure hope they’re right!!  🙂


7.26.14 pace

One thought on “Half Marathon training begins in full force

  1. The heat is bad enough, but running in 100% humidity? That’s got to be hard going! Hats off to you for a tough job well done. 🙂


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