High and Low

Today was filled with highs and lows…the high was this morning during my HM training run.  The program called for 30 min workout alternating 5 min run/1 walk.  I got up early and went to Anytime Fitness because I thought it was going to be another hot, humid morning  (as I left the gym I realized it wasn’t as bad as predicted).  I finished my 30 mins on the treadmill and I ran 2.5 miles…an improvement over the last time I was on the treadmill – but then I realized its only because I was running for a few more minutes instead of walking…either way it works out to a 12min/mi average.  I’ll take it.


The weather forecast is calling for lower temps and lower humidity for my next run on Wednesday – I’ll be running outside for sure.

7.30.14 weather prediction


Now for the low…I can honestly say this was the worst day of my 35 year career!  I had to tell 8 people on my team (of 9) that their positions are being eliminated at the end of Sept.  The company leadership decided to do a huge restructuring and although our team wasn’t the only one hit, we’ve just been obliterated.  I’m still trying to figure out who is going to do all the work that my team does…I guess time will tell.  For now, I’m feeling quite sad.

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