Beautiful morning

Ahhhh, the weather here has taken a surprising turn for the better.  This morning was a cool 65 degrees with only 70% humidity – it was such a treat to run today!!  The HM training plan called for 30 mins alternating 4 run/2 walk.  I programmed my RunDouble app so I would have cues to change at each interval and after I started I realized I had forgotten to put on my Garmin!  I guess since I’ve run at the gym the last few times I’ve gotten out of the habit of wearing it…grrr.  Today I have to totally rely on the app for my performance which isn’t a bad thing – I’m just used to having the Garmin too 😦

The other missing component is not knowing what my pace is at the turn of the wrist, so I just ran at a comfortable pace and monitored my breathing to determine if I was pushing to fast.  I’m quite happy with my pace on each run interval staying in the 10-11 min/mi range…woohoo!  I made a mistake when programming the app and I actually went one more run interval than was called for – and it was faster than most of the other intervals…another woohoo!


The next run day is Saturday – another 6 miles – it’s supposed to be just as cool but may also bring some rain.  Regardless, I’m looking forward to running without feeling like I have a car sitting on my chest!


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