Recap of the week

Once again I’m behind on posting my training workouts – so here’s all three sessions from last week

August 18:  Planned workout 36 min alternate 5 min run, 1 min walk.  Once again I forgot my Garmin so I only have the c25k app info.  I tried my best to keep my pace between 12:30-13:00 but I was a little too fast in the middle section.  I also forgot to set the app to Strict mode so the last walking segment would be included…not a good day for my memory!!

8.18.14 c25k

August 20: Planned workout 35 min alternating 6 min run, 1 min walk.  I’ll bet you can guess that I forgot my Garmin again!!  WTH is wrong with me, LOL!  Luckily I don’t forget my phone or I’d have no stats!!  Once again the middle sections are a little too fast but I still felt good at the end so no worries.

8.20.14 c25k

August 23:  Planned workout 8 miles alternating 4 min run, 1 min walk.  So at least this time I did NOT forget my Garmin!  The weather was not cooperating for my new ‘longest distance’ run and my body was not all that happy about it either! Garmin says the humidity was only at 83% but I can tell you it was MUCH worse than that.

I had one of my running buddies, K, along for the first 3.5 miles but she had to stop at that point because she had Lasiks surgery about two weeks ago and they told her to take it easy. Around mile 3 I started cramping – in my glutes of all places – so I had to stop and stretch. I was on my own after K stopped and it was hard to stay motivated. I took several walk breaks in the ‘back half’ and I had to stop for another glutes stretch break around 5 miles; surprisingly enough after that they didn’t bother me again. Around 6.5 miles my stomach started getting a little queasy and I thought I might hurl but I fought it off. I FINALLY made it to 8 miles and wanted to collapse in the grass right there but I was afraid if I stopped I’d never make it back to my car!  I walked very slowly to the parking lot and flopped into the front seat of the car.  I couldn’t get my shoes off fast enough, my feet were so overheated!  I noticed at that point that I had a nice little blister on the second toe of my left foot -ha, I never felt it while running.

I was thoroughly exhausted after those 8 miles and I’m wondering now if I didn’t have enough to eat before the run. I had some fruit, peanut butter on crackers and 3 shot bloks.  I took more shot bloks with me and ate those at miles 3, 5 & 7. I also drank 16oz water on and off during the run. I think the ‘soupy weather’ played a part because I talked with another runner today who said they went out for 13 miles and had to stop at 10 because of the weather.  I can only hope that the weather will cool down before my next ‘new longest distance’ in two weeks  :-s


8.23.14 pace


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