IT band issues

In my last post I mentioned I had some knee issues after a run, so as one does these days I hopped on the internet and started to search my symptoms. I quickly found that my problem wasn’t with my knee it was with my IT band which causes pain in the knee…no wonder the ice and Advil really didn’t help, I was focusing on the wrong area!

The ‘prescription’ for this problem was first to rest, then stay off of concrete when running and to try to avoid running downhill or on slanted surfaces. Ha! that described the exact route I had been running for that last several months!

I rested for a few days and then took a short run around my neighborhood which is all asphalt and not many hills. To my surprise there was no pain and I even ran a faster pace without even trying!


11.12.14 c25k


The temps have taken a turn for ‘winter’ here in South Carolina so instead of running outside I hit the treadmill at Anytime Fitness after church on Sunday. I had planned to put in 5 miles but I just didn’t have the energy so after 3 miles I decided not to push it. Good news, no knee pain.

11.16.14 mmr


Temps are still frigid (high teens this morning) so I went back to AF to hop on the treadmill. I wanted to push past 3 miles to see how my IT band would hold up. Around the 4 mile mark it started causing a little discomfort in my knee (nothing painful) so I finished the 6/1 segment and called it a day. I’ve been really good about stretching my IT band and using my roller on the area which seems to relieve the discomfort.

11.19.14 mmr

I had planned to run the Gobble Wobble 8K this weekend but with the temps this cold I’m going to pass…plus my running buddies have invited me to tag along for the Southern Christmas Show in Charlotte – who could pass that up! We’ll get plenty of walking in there  😉

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