Thanksgiving run

Over the last couple of years I’ve run a few ‘turkey trots’ but this year I decided not to. We recently lost my father-in-law and my mood has been a bit low, especially now with the holidays upon us.

Rather than forego running all together I decided to hit up Anytime Fitness yesterday morning and put in a few miles – at least I wouldn’t feel so bad about eating all that food later on. I was surprised the place wasn’t packed, there were only two other runners and a handful of folks doing other workouts.

I wanted to at least put in 3 miles and I had the bright idea to see how long I could run without a walk break. I figured I could go longer if I went a little slower so after a 5 minute warm up walk, I pushed the speed up to 4.6 which is about 13 min/mile. I ran for a full mile before slowing down for a 2 minute walk break. Wow, that didn’t feel too bad…I decided to do it again. At the 2 mile mark I slowed for 2 minutes and then finished the last .88 running. I was watching TV while I ran and I wanted to finish the show so I had an extended cool down walk.


I’m so glad I put in a few miles because I ate way too much for dinner – and of course I had to have dessert!!

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving!!

7 thoughts on “Thanksgiving run

  1. I’m so sorry to hear of your loss! It’s really hard for me to run when I am stressed/feeling bad (I wish I was one of those that could ‘run off the mood’ but sadly I am not). Good for you for getting a good workout in regardless! 🙂


  2. I’m sorry about your father-in-law Sharon. This time of year is especially tough when you’ve lost someone, so I can understand you not wanting to do the turkey trot. It’s good that you got your run in though and great that you increased your running time too!
    I like the idea of watching TV while running. I wonder if I should dangle my Android tablet from my hat and watch Netflix next time I’m out… Seriously, you wait and see. Someone will come up with a way of doing it! 😉 x


    1. Thanks Kirsten, it’s hard but we’re getting through 🙂

      I like watching TV while running on the treadmill because it can get so monotonous…when I’m outside there’s usually enough to keep my mind occupied. But I think you’ve got a ‘million-dollar idea’…you should try to market it!! 😉


  3. I find when I am stressed out/upset it makes me want to run.. to clear all that off the head… but I guess everybody’s different, plus I am not running for that long for now 😀
    take care!!


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