Saturday afternoon run

The weather here in South Carolina has warmed up just a bit and rather than brave the cold morning temps I decided to wait until the afternoon to get my run in on Saturday. The temp was about 55 however there was a bit of a strong breeze so it didn’t feel overly warm. I wanted to run a different route but still try to stay on asphalt instead of sidewalk so I drove to the local elementary school and ran laps through and around the parking lots and drop off points.

I reached out to my running buddies to see if they wanted to run with me but as is the case this time of year, they had other plans. In the past that would’ve given me a good excuse to cancel my run but I pressed on and got out the door before those ‘demons’ could get in my head!

I set my C25K app for 10/2 run/walk splits and decided that I would run for as long as possible before slowing for my first walk break. I didn’t have my Garmin with me because I forgot to charge it 😦  [too many treadmill runs lately!]. I started out with a relatively moderate pace so I wouldn’t get winded and when the first 10 minutes was done I kept running. I ran the 2 min walk segment and completed the next 10 minute segment before slowing for a walk. Wow, that’s a whole 22 minutes without a walk break – woohoo! I felt pretty good but didn’t want to push it too much so I followed the queues for the rest of the workout, however I’m surprised that I was able to maintain a pace in the 12 min range for most of the workout, another woohoo.

11.29.14 c25k

We’re off to Maryland tomorrow for my father-in-law’s memorial service and I’m not sure how many runs I’ll get in while we’re there. The weather is supposed to be pretty darn cold which means I would need to run on a treadmill at the hotel – we’ll see…

2 thoughts on “Saturday afternoon run

  1. Great running, Sharon! And well done for not letting those ‘demons’ catch you – you are clearly too fast for them these days. 😉
    Have a safe journey tomorrow. My thoughts are with you and your family this week. x


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