Chugging along

It’s been almost two months since I’ve been able to run with my running buddies K & L – between the weather and life issues it just hasn’t worked out but yesterday we got back into our groove. L is usually the coordinator and she texted us on Friday to make sure we could meet up Sat morning @ 9am for a 5 mile run. I immediately said Yes as my motivation to run has been waning and I really need to get my mojo back.

Saturday morning was a chilly 34 degrees, I usually will not run outside if it’s below 45 and my mind was making up all kinds of excuses to text L that I wouldn’t be able to make it – but I fought it off! I don’t really have a lot of cold weather running clothes so I doubled up my layers and topped it off with a light sweatshirt. I knew we’d be running around L’s neighborhood and I could shed some layers if needed.

I planned to run a 10/2 run-walk split and they decided to follow the same plan. As we started our run it didn’t feel too uncomfortable because the sun was out and there was no breeze. About 1.5 in I had to take off my hat and gloves and at 3 I shed my sweatshirt. I seemed to hit some kind of wall around 3.8 (probably because the longest run I’ve done in the last two weeks was 3 miles and it was on a treadmill) and that threw my run-walk plan out the window.  I switched to 5/1 and did the best I could to finish.

It seems my Garmin and the C25K app say I covered a bit different distances but both agree I didn’t quite make 5 miles 😦  The OCD in me is really bummed to get so close and not make it exactly 5 miles (I don’t count the warm up or cool down) – but I really need to get over it!! 4.81 or 4.92 is good enough for now.


12.13.14 garmin


12.13.14 c25k

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