Birthday run

Yesterday was my birthday but I still needed to get in a few miles, especially knowing we were going out for a nice dinner. The weather was just perfect – 58, sunshine, and a light breeze. I only had time for a 30 minute run and I wanted to cover as much distance as I could so I decided on a whim that I would run the whole 30 minutes…even though I wasn’t really sure I could.

I set the c25k app for 10/2 run/walk and I figured I would just keep running until I really, really needed to walk. I kept my pace right around 12:30 min/mi so there was no worry about getting winded. The first 24 minutes went by pretty quickly and I realized I was only 6 minutes from running the whole time…WOW!

I stopped at 30 minutes but I know I could’ve kept going at that pace – I haven’t run 30 minutes without walking in over a year! Nice to know I can do it!! And the other nice surprise was I had no IT band issues. Both very nice ‘birthday presents’…lol.



C25K app

12.16.14 c25k

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