I need a running goal!

Since I don’t really have any specific running goal that I’m working towards, I find that I’m debating with myself about whether I should go for a run. It’s pretty frustrating but fortunately I’m still winning the battle. I decided to go for 3 miles today – I got dressed and out the door all the while that little voice in my head was peppering me with excuses to skip it – grrr!

I set my c25k app for six 5:30/1 min run/walk segments and decided I would follow that plan, unlike Tuesday when I ran the whole time. Once I was out the door and into my warm up I realized I had forgotten my Garmin! Dangummit! how do I keep forgetting that thing!!?? Oh well, I had my app and I was on my way. I chose to run a different route today, one I hadn’t run in quite some time so it was nice to see some different scenery, however there were some pretty significant hills in miles 2 & 3. Overall, I’m happy with my time and the distance.

My running buddies are signing up for a 15K in late January in Atlanta – I guess I need to consider doing that or I will need to find some other race that will give me a goal to work toward, maybe that will silence that little voice in my head!

12.18.14 c25k

One thought on “I need a running goal!

  1. Having a race to work towards definitely helps, so well done for getting yourself out there. I reckon you would easily be ready for a 15K in late January, especially if you are doing it with your running buddies. 🙂


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