2015 goals?

I’ve been pondering over the last few days about what goals I’d like to strive for in 2015 and nothing specific has popped into my head. Last year I had a few goals:

– Read a book a month (didn’t happen)

– Complete a 10k (accomplished)

– Lose 26lbs (didn’t happen)

– Eat fewer sweets (eh, I guess I cut back)

– Finish knitting at least one WIP (didn’t happen)

– Be more social (I did better for most of the year)

Looking back on this list I’m proud of what I accomplished but still a bit peeved that I didn’t accomplish more.

I read a few books but definitely not 12.

I trained for and completed my first ever 10K and, something not even on my mind at the beginning of 2014, I trained for and completed my first ever Half Marathon – I’m very proud of those two things!

Although I ran almost every week in 2014 I failed to lose any weight – I guess I was eating every calorie I burned…grrr!

I did cut back on eating so much chocolate but it obviously had no impact – lol!

I lost interest in knitting during the summer months (I guess that’s normal?) so I did not finish any of my WIP (work in progress).

And in the ‘be more social’ category I deemed 2014 the ‘Year of Yes’. Meaning I would accept all offers to be social – it worked out well and I made a few new friends through the running group that I still run with every weekend.

Now I’m looking forward into 2015 trying to figure out what goals I should set and I’m not really excited to do anything specific. I did have a little epiphany this morning and decided I would deem 2015 the ‘Year of Indulgence‘. That sounds a little over the top but what I mean by that is, if I want to do something I’m going to do it and if I want to get something I’m going to get it. I typically talk myself out of so many things, saying “I don’t need it” or “it will be a waste of time” and I find that I regret not doing or getting things later on. I think it boils down to a ‘worthiness issue’…I don’t splurge on myself very often and I’m not talking about spending a lot of money either.

So there it is…I’ve put it out there now and I hope those that read this will help hold me accountable to ‘doing and getting’ what I want this year 😀

P.S. I’ve also updated the theme of my page…I’ve been wanting to do that for a while 😉


3 thoughts on “2015 goals?

  1. I love the new theme! 🙂
    Indulgence seems like a good goal to me too. I think you’ve proved with your running that you can achieve do whatever you want to – you just have to allow yourself to go for it. 😉


  2. to run (with no walking) a 10k is my goal for 2015 🙂
    as to books – I am a bookworm, I keep challenging myself to 100 books for last 2 years 🙂 getting better, in 2014 it was 93 😉 maybe 2015 will be THE year 🙂

    good luck!!! and all the best for the New Year!


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