January sewing challenge?

I’ve been wanting to try my hand at sewing and when I read about a sewing challenge posted by one of the knitters I follow – Tinkerbellknits, well, I just had to jump in! You can read about the challenge here and here.

I went out earlier today and purchased a few ‘stacks’ of fabric – I wasn’t quite sure what that meant but I knew that I needed ‘fat quarters’ and these were, well just that – stacks of fat quarters. It’s a whole new language!! Out of convenience I went to my local Walmart and unfortunately there wasn’t a large selection of fabric so I just got 3 stacks of the most appealing colors. I of course needed a few new tools to assist with this challenge so I purchased a rotary cutter and a self healing cutting mat. Word of caution: that damn rotary cutter is sharp! I already got myself, thankfully not too bad and nothing got on the fabric – whew!

Here are the fat quarters I chose...they all have a slight shimmer on the flowers.
Here are the fat quarters I chose…they all have a slight shimmer on the flowers.

I diligently followed the instructions for cutting Color 1 in the size outlined however I realized after I cut the first sections that I wasn’t reading the cutting mat correctly – ha! I was an inch short on all the cuts – thank goodness I had plenty of fabric!! I finished re-cutting for Colors 1 & 2 and then made the prescribed cuts for Color 3. At first I was a little thrown off by the instructions for putting it all together but I soon figured it out…and a few hours later (I stopped for dinner)…Viola! I have a Dutchman’s Puzzle square. Yay!!

Finished Dutchman's Puzzle
Finished Dutchman’s Puzzle

Now that it’s all together I’m not sure I made the best fabric choices – I think all the patterns are fighting with each other. I’m going to sleep on it tonight and since I have more fabric from the other stacks I might just make another…we’ll see.

Remaining fabric from stacks...they may just turn into another Dutchman's Puzzle
Remaining fabric from stacks…they may just turn into another Dutchman’s Puzzle. The two flower prints on top came from the same stack I used to make the first square.

4 thoughts on “January sewing challenge?

  1. Oh wow you speedy sewer! I’ve not yet bought a rotary cutter so its going to take me a while to do mine. (Now im already behind!) i love your fabrics the colours link together well. the girls in the shop i went to recommended sashing the squares together in a light plain fabric then the squares could be from anything and it wouldnt be to busy. I then had to ask what sashing was! (Long stripes added when sewing together as spacers). So the two bolder prints might look ok then. Right…. Must get sewing soon!

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