2015 runs 1 & 2

My church started up another running group only this time it’s not for a specific distance or race. The pastor is a runner and he wants to have the group meet up on Saturdays at 8am and after a short devotional we will all run our own distances and pace. Since I’ve been meeting up with my running buddies on Saturdays, it just worked out that we would all join the group.

This past Saturday was the first meeting and there were about 8 folks all running at different levels. Only one of my running buddies was able to make it so after the meeting we headed out for a 5 mile run. The pastor suggested we try a different route than we usually run, one which takes us down along the lake, so we did. The temperature was a little chilly when we started out but we warmed up after the first mile and it felt comfortable. Luckily I had my trusty Garmin with me because I had problems (again!) getting a GPS signal with my C25K app. I had to abandon the idea of prompted run/walk intervals and just decided to take walk breaks at each mile.

Because we took a different route we had to meander our way through the neighborhood streets trying to figure what direction to run so we could accumulate 5 miles by the time we returned to the church…unfortunately we were a little off – otherwise it was a great long/slow run.


1.3.15 Garmin-old

My second run of the year came earlier today – I wanted to get outside because it’s probably the last warm day for the next two weeks! I planned a total distance of 3 miles with run/walk intervals of 1 mile/200 yards – since it worked out well on Saturday I thought I’d try it again. Thankfully both the C25K app and my Garmin were working 😉

I ran a familiar route that I knew would get me 3 miles – the sun was shining when I started but it got cloudy near the end which caused the temps to drop a little but it felt good at that point.

I stopped my Garmin right at 3.1 miles because I wanted to mark my 5K time; I’m pleased to see that I broke 39:00 – last time I did that was back in April! I let the C25K app run until I completed the third mile then I skipped to the cool down and according to the C25K app, mile 3 was faster than 1 & 2 – wow!

I felt really good running today, no IT band issues!!


1.6.15 Garmin-old


1.6.15 c25k

One thought on “2015 runs 1 & 2

  1. That’s great that you’ve sorted your IT band out and that you got two good runs in the bag – Congratulations on breaking 39 minutes! That’s definitely worth getting out of bed for on a Saturday morning. 😉


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