Cold weather running

Well, not actually out in the cold…

My church has started a Saturday running group at 8am and since it’s January I made sure to check the weather on Friday night; they were forecasting 22 degrees at 8am – Yikes! I’m a BIG sissy when it comes to running in the cold so there was no way I was running outside in those temps; however I was bound and determined to get my run in early. I decided I would meet up with the group and then head off to Anytime Fitness. This served me well because I was already dressed and out the door – no excuses to ‘wait until later’.

At the meeting, most runners felt the same way I did – only opting to wait until later in the day to do their run…but not K. She’s hardcore and wasn’t going to let the temps stop her from running outside – she tried to talk me into it but I was clearly not dressed to run outside and I had no desire to anyway. We needed to put in 6 miles to help prepare for the Hot Chocolate 15K in Atlanta at the end of the month so she hit the streets and I hit the treadmill.

I don’t mind running on the treadmill most of the time but I’ve learned anything over 3 or 4 miles gets really boring and brutal. After 3 miles I told myself that I would stop at 4 – then I thought about K running outside and decided I would push on until 5 miles. Once I hit 5, I reasoned that I only had one more mile to go so I finished it. I was mentally exhausted when it was over and I was rethinking the whole running outside in the cold thing 😉

As tough as it was, I’m so glad I completed the planned distance – I know I would’ve regretted it later if I had stopped early.

1.10.15 mmr

3 thoughts on “Cold weather running

  1. I love the fact that your friend kept you motivated even though you weren’t running together at the time. Well done for getting it done! 🙂
    As for cold weather running, it’s really not that bad if you layer up for it. Plus, you get to feel extra hard-core afterwards, even though it’s rarely as bad as you think it will be. 😉

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    1. Ha, yes there’s that ‘hard core’ feeling…I will definitely give it a go this coming Saturday. Forecast says mid 30s so that’s not too horrible. I’ll definitely layer up…I’m planning to put in 7 miles and hoping it will be in the 40s when I finish. The 15K is the following weekend – if I can do 7, 9 should be no problem :-/ {{{fingers crossed}}}


      1. Oh wow! That has come around quickly! I’m sure you’ll have no problem doing the 15K, but definitely a good idea to get some practice running in the cold. Good luck! 🙂


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