Treadmill…again :-(

I wanted to get out early this morning to run but the day got away from me and it was very late in the afternoon before I could break away…so it was back to Anytime Fitness for another treadmill run. At least this one was only 3 miles so it was pretty much over before I could get bored.

I decided not to watch TV during the run, instead I turned on my SiriusXM app and tuned into Hits1. I ran at 5mph for the first 5:30 and then increased the incline to 1.5 for thirty seconds. At this point I usually walk but I decided to put the incline back to zero and keep running for another 5:30. I increased the incline again to 1.5 for 30 seconds and I had 1 mile in the bag. I took a 2 minute walk break and then pushed back up to 4.9mph for another 5:30. I raised the incline again for thirty seconds and then took another walk break. I pretty much repeated that sequence until I had 3 miles. Not my best time but I’ll take it.

I need to get another 3 miles in this week before Saturday’s run of 7 miles – all in preparation for the Hot Chocolate 15K in Atlanta on the 25th.

1.13.15 mmr

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