My first quilt…

As I normally do, when I pick up a new hobby I jump in with both feet. I’ve just finished the January sewing challenge to make a prescribed block and I get the idea that I can make a whole quilt! I decided that I want to make one for my mother who’s been diagnosed with lung cancer and will be starting radiation and chemo treatments this week. She’s an avid fan of crossword puzzles so I thought a crossword quilt would be both ‘easy’ and appropriate. I looked for ideas online and finally settled on this pattern:

Blank Crossword Quilt idea

I decided I would buy charm packs (5″x 5″ squares) of black and white and that way I wouldn’t have to cut the squares…just sew them together. So far so good, I’ve got it about half assembled. I’m heading to the fabric store tonight to find the right fabric for the back and to pickup batting, basting spray (505) and a few other notions.

I’m still toying with the idea of putting numbers in the appropriate blocks to make it really look like an empty crossword puzzle…but haven’t decided yet. I also still need to decide what kind of border I’m going to do…any ideas??

5 thoughts on “My first quilt…

    1. Thanks paulasuequilts! I had thought of red but was afraid of the bright, stark contrast…so I opted for different patterns of black & white. I decided on a soft black & white polka dot for the border and a gorgeous print for the back…I’ll post pictures later. Thanks so much for your suggestions!!


  1. Oh wow! You have jumped in with this one! (You’re making my half finished January Square feel very sad – I’m going to have to get it finished this weekend now!) I like paulasuequilts idea of using newsprint type fabric. Can’t wait to see your finished quilt!

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    1. Thanks Tinderbellknits! I went out last night and bought fabric for the border and back – I’ll post pictures later today. Now I’m really excited about finishing it!! 🙂 Can’t wait to see your finished block. I didn’t think I’d get so consumed by the sewing bug, lol!


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